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By Crazytravelwoman123 | Nov 22, 2023
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Hampton Court

Hampton Court

In October I took my first solo trip for two nights. I chose London as I have been here a number of times and felt like I would know the city well enough to travel around by myself. There were a number of different emotions before embarking on my solo trip, ranging from excited, brave, nervous and a little bit worried but I like to think these were normal emotions for first time solo travellers. For everyone travelling is about different experiences but I wanted as much of my days planned out as possible so I had a timetable to follow so I didn't feel lost and it helped me feel like I made the most of my time there. Thankfully everything went smoothly and I had the best time.

On day one I arrived at the Mitre House Hotel in Paddington. Once settled I went on an app guided tour of the West End lasting around an hour and I learnt a lot about the West End and the history of the different theatres. Whilst I was in the West End I went to Mrs Doubtfire at Shaftesbury Theatre. This was one of the funniest shows I've seen and would highly recommend going to see it if you get the chance.

Day two:- I spent the morning at St Paul's Cathedral and had an audio guided tour around the cathedral. This was a beautiful place with so much history and such a lovely way to spend a peaceful few hours. Then I went and had a wonder around Hyde Park, I followed the trail to Kensington Palace, I loved seeing the round pond, speakers corner, Queen Victoria statue and seeing the winter wonderland being built within the park. From Hyde Park I walked to Frameless - Immersive Art Experience in Marble Arch. This was another relaxing experience and I felt at peace amongst the art. After some food I went back to the West End and watched Moulin Rouge! at Piccadilly Theatre. Again this is another amazing show and would highly recommend it if you are a lover of musicals and the movie.

With the confidence coming back from my first solo weekend I have now booked another two solo weekends away in the UK. This is with wanting to spend time travelling outside the UK solo. I can't wait to share my stories and want to hear all your travel stories too!

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