5 Questions Every Traveler Should Get Answered

By DynamicDenise | Jul 17, 2019

Pura Vida - Ah, Enjoying Costa Rica!

Pura Vida - Ah, Enjoying Costa Rica!

Have you ever had one of those BRILLIANT thoughts and just knew everyone around you would enjoy it?

Well, believe it or not, I had one of those moments about this blog. EVERYONE has certain questions about travel, and surely we share some of those questions. So why not ask other experts? I reached out to everyone I could think of – top travel bloggers, business connections that travel frequently for business AND pleasure, and fellow travelers. Imagine my surprise when I only had 2 volunteers out of my dozen or so contacts. Shocker.
Spending a few minutes daydreaming along a Rocky Mountain stream. Priceless.

I thought a lot of people would want to know seasoned answers to thesequestions:
  • What is the one travel accessory that always goes with you, regardless if the trip is for work or play?
  • What are the 3 things you want to know about a destination before traveling there?
  • What drove you to start traveling?
  • Where is the first place you traveled as an adult? (outside of work)
  • If you had one lesson to share, what would that be?

I know what Papa Joe and I answer to these, but I wouldn’t blame our readers for wanting a wider perspective.

So, if the camel won’t come to Mohammed, Mohammed goes to the camel, or something like that.

Instead, I decided to do some extra research for our readers.

Thank you to DumbLittleMan, AirTreks, and Virtuoso Life for answers to the question “Why travel”. Start small, right? Common answers are below
Travel improves social and communication skills.
Ensures peace of mind
Helps stimulate creative thinking
Broadens your horizons – it opens your eyes and helps you become a well-rounded person
Enhances tolerance for uncertainty
Boosts confidence – helps you learn who you are
Opportunity for real-life education
Creates meaningful relationships
Helps develop new skills and learn new language
Travel challenges you and shakes things up
Proves that dreams do come true
Cool stories
And I think this is the keeper – helps you appreciate your life

I wholeheartedly agree with all of these answers – and have added my own thoughts to many of our previous blogs. A is for Anywhere has many of those responses from us.
Enjoying the white sand and waves of Cocoa Beach. Surfing is very popular here.

So, getting back to my original 5 questions. I STILL want to know the answers from others! So, thank you to all the contributors identified below.

What is the one travel accessory that always goes with you, regardless if the trip is for work or play? Buzzfeed and Travel and Leisure list practical items like luggage scales, portable chargers, bright easily distinguishable luggage tags, speakers, compression socks, organizers, and waterproof phone cases. Mine? I always load application my phone – currency converters, language apps, maps, etc.

What are the 3 things you want to know about a destination before traveling there? Thank you SmarterTravel and Fodors. SmarterTravel focused on things to DO before traveling, like stopping mail and newspaper delivery, planning the first and last day of travel (usually the most difficult), check the weather, public transit, and things to do. Fodors added research entrance and exit fees to the list. Papa Joe and I agree with the weather, public transit, and things to do. Researching the things to do is one of the more fun parts of traveling.

What drove you to start traveling? *Google says people travel to see their soul mates, to learn others cultures, and to have fun. I agree with the fun bit.*How is this for entertainment? My granddaughter fell in love with these guys while rising the KC zoo.

Where is the first place you traveled as an adult (outside of work)? Thank you TripIt for answering “where is the best first trip”? TripIt lists the United Kingdom (fewer language barriers), Iceland (unique experience), Ecuador (easily accessible), Japan (culture, history, and amazing food), and Mexico (short trip, stay to the safer regions). Guess Papa Joe and I need to our bucket list!

And last but not least….. If you had one lesson to share, what would that be?

I researched several websites, and no surprise here, the lessons were similar to the answers to the -why travel- question. Patience, opportunity to be curious, leave comfort zone, appreciate other cultures, make friends with strangers (they must have met Papa Joe), think creatively, and find beauty in small things. Thank you HuffPost for sharing what Papa Joe and I have already learned and are excited about sharing with you!

Neither Papa Joe or I claim to be travel experts.

As a matter of fact, we encourage you, as the reader, to leave comments with your answers to the 5 questions. What we do claim is that we have thoroughly enjoyed our travels, meeting others, and sharing experiences with loved ones and our readers.
Researching this blog was a little fun for me. We always encourage you to research, ask your own questions, find your own answers. But we felt the questions in this post would be common to many people and we hope you continue to ask questions – and LEARN about this beautiful world we all share!

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