Protecting Our Interest When Taking a Taxi In Hong Kong

You may feel somehow being taken advantage by some taxi service in Hong Kong when traveling. Overcharging and refusal to pick up are common problems appearing in Hong Kong.
For example, you ride on a Red Taxi in Kowloon. You are riding on the right taxi and the taxi is not reserved. The taxi driver gave no sound reasons to refuse you as a passenger. It is a problem here. The chances are the taxi driver is breaking the local law. Overcharging is another problem. The worst situation is that the taxi driver knows you are a tourist and not familiar with Hong Kong. Very well then. They drive you around to your destination as if it is a long distance but the fact it is not! We can actually get a general picture to protect our interest by visiting the official website of Transportation Department or dig out more information from this pdf document.
Taxis in Hong Kong

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