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By Kudagreats | Mar 3, 2022
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My tips to travel no matter where you go or who you're with, are to take a deep breath wherever you are and take in the moment.

When you relax and enjoy your life's experiences everything is better, even your senses. I prefer no matter where I'm at to have an open mind and thrive to have fun. Enjoy the person or people you are with be kind gentle and open minded and open hearted.

We were in Islamorada, Florida, just enjoying the fourth day of are honeymoon after experiencing the lifestyle of Keywest and trying are best to take in all of the beauty Dry Tortugas left us gasping at, the history and fun the compound had to offer. Exploring at the resort Cheeca Lodge Lagoon Side and I turned and saw one of the most tropical, beautiful, exciting entrances to further explore. The smell of the ocean, the light of the torches, the colorful trees, the feel of ocean breeze on my body. The whole resort is wonderful from the cleanliness of the room to the raking of the sand. The staff always knowing your name and being so polite. My one tip is to enjoy wherever you are relax use all of your senses to enjoy the trip fully.

Entrance to are future

Entrance to are future

P.S. don't forget your swimsuit

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Written by Kudagreats
Hello I’m Robert I love to travel with my wife and children. I love to experience life to the fullest. I have fun seeing people happy and enjoying life. Love to take pictures that show my views of the world. Thank you

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