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By SeaOneWorld | Jul 8, 2020
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Barbados is an independent island located at the eastern most point of the West Indies. It is a famous touristic place attracting mostly British, American and Canadian visitors. The island offers a tropical climate all year long, as a result, it’s a popular cruise destination. During our previous work experience “Working on Cruise Ships”, we were based in the Caribbean waters and we frequented Barbados onboard the Celebrity Equinox. Therefore, we had the opportunity to explore the island by going on a few unforgettable tour excursions. Read more about our best memories of Barbados to inspire you and give you tips on must do activities in the island.

Bridgetown Barbados

Bridgetown Barbados

Marine Tours

When docking in Barbados while on cruise ship, the cruise line usually offers a selection of boat tour excursions. We were lucky to go on two different types of sailing boats.

Five Star Catamaran

Firstly, we strongly recommend the “Tiami Five Star Catamaran & Turtles tour”. It is a must do in Barbados!

Tiami Catamaran 5 star cruise

Tiami Catamaran 5 star cruise

The tour duration is about 6 hours and will suit any water lover. Hope on the bus, just a 5-minute ride from the cruise terminal to the port where a sleek catamaran awaits you. After stepping onboard, you will quickly realize you’re in for a privileged moment. In fact, you will feel the Caribbean vibe with a warm welcome from the friendly crew. Snacks, cocktails, juice, coffee or tea will be available for you during the cruise. The captain will take you along Barbados scenic coastline to a sheltered bay. At this point, a first stop will offer you the chance to relax on the beach or swim in the turquoise water. Next stop, prepare yourself for the highlight of this tour, as you join a professional instructor to snorkel with the sea turtles! After swimming, enjoy your lunch with a stunning view of the water. Take advantage of this moment to visit different spots on the catamaran. As a result, we are certain you will appreciate laying down on the nets chilling out on the way back to docks. We will never forget this memorable experience as Anthony celebrated his 30th birthday.

Pirate Cruise

Jolly Rogers Pirate Boat

Jolly Rogers Pirate Boat

Secondly, another boat tour, a little bit more recreational, will take you onboard the famous Jolly Roger for a snorkelling and pirate cruise. The name of this 110 ft old renovated pirate boat refers to the pirate black flag with the white apparent sneer of the skull and the bones. Thanks to this tour excursion, you will see the other side of the cruise terminal’s coastline. Two snorkel stops will allow you to swim and observe the marine life. While viewing an impressive sunken shipwreck, it is a good time to feed the hundreds of fish and sea turtles around you. After snorkelling in the azure waters, the party gets going aboard with a full open bar and music playing. Visit their official website right here.

Road trip of the island

The island is filled with sugar cane fields, as it is one of the world’s biggest sugar industries. As a cruise passenger, a coast-to-coast scenic drive tour will take you around the island for some great sightseeing locations.

Gun Hill Signal Station

The road trip includes a stop at the highest land of the island, Gun Hill Signal Station that was the most important military base in Barbados. The station is named after a strategic place where guns were set in order to give the alarm in the event of a marine attack. As the observatory is located at the centre of the Caribbean island it overlooks the whole coastline. On a clear day, you will be able to spot your ship in Bridgetown port. A stop at the signal station requires a short time as it takes only 2 minutes to reach the top of the hill through the lush vegetation.

Bathsheba Rock

Bathsheba Rock

Bathsheba Rock

In our opinion, the most picturesque scenery of Barbados is located in the southeast coast of the island with Bathsheba main fishing village in Saint Joseph’s parish. The small beach features one massive rock formation that lies slightly offshore. We enjoyed taking photograph shots of the rock in every angle possible. The sandy beach is narrow, but a wide grass field sets perfectly for a relaxed picnic by the water.

Carlisle Beach

Carlisle Beach

Carlisle Beach

One of the most popular white sand beaches in the Caribbean is located in Carlisle Bay in Bridgetown, Barbados. The beach is home of several beach clubs, bar restaurant, aquatic sports and hotel resorts. A large selection of activities meant to suit all different kind of needs. Take your pick, paddle or scuba dive to admire the beauty of the pristine waters and jet blade or enjoy the aqua park for a more adventurous experience. We recommend spending your afternoon at the Boatyard club which is a private beach with good value for money. Just around 30 $ fees including a welcome cocktail, a snorkelling session, the access to the aqua park and a lounge chair, per person. Entertainment such as music playing, a seasonal live band and a gift shop are also available. The Boatyard has an exceptionally high long bridge above the water level allowing you to dive off or swing by a rope and land right into the Caribbean water.

To conclude, Barbados is a recreational island with a wide range of activities. These must be on your bucket list when visiting the Caribbean. Take back home some memories of Barbados by doing one of these tours.

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