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    An other good trip idea if you are in Paris and looking for a day trip away from the city. It is a fantastic place for nature lovers and who are looking for a peaceful gateway. Giverny is the village where the famous painter Claude Monet had his house and where most of his paintings were inspired.
    Walk in the flower alleys, stroll along the pond or enjoy the view from the house, Giverny has so much to offer. It’s a must see when in Paris and especially if you love impressionism.

    Getting to Giverny

    The best way to go to Giverny is to get there by train. Take the SNCF train from the station Saint Lazare going to Rouen and get down at Vernon-Giverny station. The local metro tickets won’t work and you will have to buy a regional ticket to travel – the fare would cost approximately between 9,50€ and 15€ for a single ticket. Make sure you get your tickets ahead of time, especially during the weekends. As you arrive in Giverny, you will find shuttle bus services taking you from the station to the Monet Foundation House (arround 8€ one way). The total travel time is around one hour and a half. The other option you can have is to hire a car and use the GPS to find your way to Monet’s House.
    I went to visit the Monet Foundation in September, which in my opinion, it the best time of the year to visit.

    Things to do in Giverny

    Once you arrive in Giverny, go to the ticket office you get your entrance for the Monet Foundation House. The average price for the entrance fee is around 9,50€ for an adult and 5,50€ for children or students.

    The Water Garden

    Monet was always fascinated by the changing lights and the continuous evolution of nature surrounding the pond. The painter used to invite his friends over and would stand on the bridge and watch the light change over the water. Make sure you walk around the pond and take a stroll over the bridge – it’s a very beautiful scenery. This is also where Monet painted “Les Nymphéas” currently displayed in the Orangerie museum in the Tuileries Gardens.

    Le Clos Normand

    Before the “Clos Normand” was built, there were giant trees over the garden. Then Monet decided to remove all the trees and give it a more colorful and more floral sight to it. That’s how he came to build this magnificent alley of flowers now called the “Clos Normand”.

    Le Clos Normand

    Le Clos Normand

    Monet’s House

    Monet’s interior is as colorful as the exterior. From the study to the kitchen, every room is a different universe by the decoration and the colors of the walls.

    Monet’s House

    Monet’s House Backyard

    A very famous spot for photography, the backyard of Monet’s house has a stunning setting of bushes, flowers and ivy growing the wall. Make sure you have a look, few people go this far. It’s a very instagrammable location

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