6 Tips for Picking a Hotel on Your Next Solo Trip

By BeccaB | May 28, 2021



Finding great accommodation is very important for every type of traveler, but especially for solo adventurers who need to spend more time organizing their trip to make sure they feel comfortable and ready to explore the new destination.

One good thing about traveling alone is that, when looking for your hotel, you only have to consider your preferences. To help you plan your next solo trip, continue reading this article and find out our best tips for picking a hotel.

Choose Your Destination Wisely

Whether you are a man or a woman, choosing the right destination for your solo trip is very important. Women, however, have to pay extra attention to how safe their preferred place is.

Traveling to European countries, like Spain, Portugal, Croatia, or Germany, is completely safe, as long as you stay away from dark alleys at night, and you take normal safety measures.

If you, for instance, decide to visit beautiful Croatia, you can choose between a multitude of gorgeous places, like its bustling capital, Zagreb, or the charming city of Split. And, if you want to see life on an island, you can go to spectacular Hvar.



In Germany, Berlin is waiting for you with an explosive nightlife, and Hamburg with a cozy vibe and many amazing festivals and events. These, of course, are just a few examples. But, no matter where you go, when looking for your hotel you should find the best location.

Spain has something for everyone: from the party islands to art-filled Barcelona, not to mention one of the world's most famous pilgrimage routes, which finishes in Santiago.

Find the Best Location

Location is key for solo travelers, especially for first-timers. To avoid feeling isolated, make sure you find a hotel situated in a central area, close to the best attractions but also cafes, restaurants, and bars. These areas also give you easy access to public transportation and keep you surrounded by other solo travelers.

If, for instance, you decide to visit Hamburg, choose to stay in one of its best-connected areas, like Altona. The hip neighborhood is not exactly in the city center, but it's very lively, filled with cool people, and many coffee shops, eateries, stores, and is well connected to the whole city.

Learn About the Social Scene

Whether you are looking to make new friends, or you just want to enjoy the trip by yourself, check out the social scene of the area. As mentioned, you should look for a hotel in a neighborhood with many cafes, restaurants, and pubs. But you can also check the social gatherings of the locals and expats, and you can do this by joining communities created for expats, or you can check out the events available on Facebook.

Joining Meetup and Internations will help you meet people with similar likes and dislikes, and these communities are available in many parts of the world. Don't be shy, find your groups, join them, and go to the meetings, whenever you feel lonely while solo traveling.

Do Your Research and Choose the Best Room

hotel room in Bali

hotel room in Bali

Once you decide on the destination, and you find the best location, you can start searching for your favorite hotel. Besides everything mentioned above, when choosing your hotel, make sure you read the reviews, check the prices, and have a look at the photos. If you want to have a nice view, or you prefer a room with a balcony, make sure you get that.

Don't Get Too Attached to Your Room

If you are not an experienced solo traveler, you might have the tendency to get attached to the room and isolate yourself. It is understandable that your awesome room becomes your comfort zone in an unknown location, but you have to find your strength and get out there. You can start by going on a walking tour, so you get used to the new city and interacting with people.

Travel Solo, Travel Safe

As mentioned before, safety is very important when traveling solo, for both men and women. There are, however, certain parts of the world where women need to be extra careful. So, make sure you know everything about your destination before you go.

If you found your destination and you booked a hotel in an area advertised as safe, but once you get there, you feel uncomfortable, don't think twice before canceling your reservation and moving to a different area. It might affect your budget, but money is less important than your safety. So, trust your gut, because your wallet can be refilled as long as you are safe.

No matter where and why you travel, your accommodation can have a positive or a negative influence on your whole solo trip. So, instead of booking the first hotel you see, take your time, do your research, and choose wisely. This way you can ensure a pleasant stay by yourself, in a completely new place.

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