How to get to Cianjur

Cianjur is 120 km from Jakarta and 80 km from Bandung, so, there are many public transportations from the big cities like Jakarta, Bandung, Yogyakarta, Bogor.



Direction to Cianjur from Kampung Rambutan Bus Terminal of Jakarta

Take a bus with the route is Jakarta-Cianjur-Bandung or Jakarta-Cianjur and ask a bus conductor to get you off at Harimart Bypass, it takes a 3-4 hours (Rp,35.000 each) then from Hypermart take a red van (Angkot Rp,4.000) get off at Pasar Ramayana Muka.

From Jakarta Sukarno Hatta Airport

Take a Damri bus the route is Soekarno Hatta-Bogor (Rp,55.000 each) then from Bogor take a whitevan a 2 hours (Rp,30.000) the van will stop at Pasar Ramayana Muka.

From Bandung Airport/Train Station

Actually from Bandung airport is closer than Jakarta airport, you have to go to Leuwi Panjang bus terminal if you come from the airport or train Station, take a taxi to Leuwi Panjang bus terminal, then take a bus with route is Bandung-Cianjur-Sukabumi, and get off at bus terminal of Rawa Bango Cianjur, it takes a 2 hours (Rp,20.000) and take a red van (Rp,4.000) get off at Pasar Ramayana Muka.

From Yogyakarta by Train or Night Bus

By train the same direction, you have to go to the bus terminal. But by bus You’ll spend most of your time on the bus generally end up seeing the dark night on the journey, it takes 12 hours, the night buses leave every afternoon at 4/5 pm and you have to catch it at Yogyakarta's Giwangan bus terminal or Solo's Tirtonadi bus terminal with route is Yogyakarta-Bandung-Cianjur-Sukabumi. Then ask a bus conductor! Get me off at Rawa Bango bus terminal, and take a red van (Rp,4.000) get off at Pasar Ramayana Muka.

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