The Scenario of Tourism Before, During and After Covid-19 (part 1/3)

By TourWithAsh | Nov 19, 2020
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It is said that tourism industry was the first industry to be affected by coronavirus and it'll be a last one to recover. Covid has given a big shock to the industry and the current period is referred to as a dark period for industry. It is not a first time that the industry is facing a downfall. If we talk about the recent years, industry suffered a downfall during 2009 recession and in 2001 after 9/11. But one of the positives of this industry is that it cant remain in stagnation for a longer period of time as it is a nature of human that he can't stop traveling. But still this whole scenario of the tourism industry during this pandemic is a matter of study. So i decided to write a blog on it. Since the topic is very vast and even a book will be less to cover the topic so I will try to finish it in three blog series covering the important aspects as much as i can.

Before knowing how the pandemic affected the industry it is very important to know that how the industry was before corona. So in this part we'll try to discuss the scenario of tourism industry in pre covid era.

So if we talk about the scenario of employment in the industry, hospitality and tourism industry combined provided employment to 40 million people. Meanwhile 7.3 million people were working in restaurants. Aviation industry had 350 thousand employees and railways alone in India was a source of employment for over 1 million people.

Now coming to the turnover generated by the sector. Hotels had the outcome of 37 thousand to 39 thousand crore. Tourism generated the revenue of Rs. 18 lakh crore. 4.2 lakh crore were yielded by restaurants and aviation had the business of 2.22 lakh crore.

Approaching to the next topic which is number of international tourists before covid, we had 1.458 billion international tourist arrivals worldwide in 2019. If we come to the country wise evaluation of the international tourists, in France we had 93.2 million international tourists in 2019 and 89.4 million international tourists in 2018. In Spain 83.7 million in 2019 and 82.8 million in 2018. 79.3 million in 2019 and 79.7 million in 2018 in US. 65.7 million in 2019 and 61.6 million in 2018 in China and while in India 17.9 million international arrived in the year 2019 and 17.4 million international tourists arrived in 2018.

This was the scenario of tourism industry before covid 19 pandemic. In next part we'll try to clear things about the impact of covid 19 on the tourism industry.
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