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By Travelindiasafe | Oct 15, 2020
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Travel India Travel Safe

Travel India Travel Safe

Hello friends,

As you now that the world is now in grip of this new pandemic called COVID 19. Hence, there are changes to the ways the world used to travel Pre-Covid times. These changes are must to become a part of new normal, i.e. continuing life in a different manner by modifying the normal behavior conditions. Apart from various behaviors, there is Travel behavior or normal way of travel. Today, we are going to give tips on new ways of travel, which forms a NEW NORMAL for TRAVEL community. The basic new normal points are as follows:

  • Distinguish your travel needs, between travel business, emergency & pleasure
  • Ensure only URGENT Business travel & EMERGENCY travel is taken, other than travel for pleasure that is necessary to avoid problems like depression and hypertension.
  • Everybody needs refreshing and rejuvenating in order to re-energize for new challenges, it is suggested to do only 1 travel in 6 months of your hard working for a good change.
  • Travel should be to your SAFE domestic locations (in order to save time, money & energy), one travel could be taken to OVERSEAS locations in less than 6 hrs of flying.
  • Always ensure to maintain proper DISTANCE, wear a MASK (covering your mouth & nose), keep SANITIZING your hands (touching surfaces can not be avoided during travel)
  • Make sure that you opt for hotel properties & vehicles which are properly sanitized and hygienic staff using proper precautions of new normal.
  • It is necessary to take a shower upon return to your place of stay, also try washing the worn clothes.
  • Do not eat in open and use eating places to eat which maintain proper hygiene and sanitized conditions.
  • Avoid ordering food online unless you are sure it is coming from reliable source.
  • Last but not the least, avoid using cash. Maximum possible, use online banking, plastic money (cards) or mobile wallets to pay for travel services.

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