Basic Georgian phrases

Let's learn some Georgian

Let's learn some Georgian

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Day Tour to Mestia from Kutaisi

What can be better than high mountains and beautiful nature? Yes - higher mountains and amazing beauty of Svaneti region. That's why we have guaranteed departure day tour from Kutaisi to Mestia, Svaneti. We visit and see towers of Svaneti, huge mountains and narrow gorges between them. In brief, mountains are calling and we mast go!

Borjomi, Rabati & Vardzia Tour from Kutaisi

Tour is full of history, culture, legends and beautiful views. Route takes us to southern part of Georgia, Javakheti region. We visit Borjomi Park where we are able to taste mineral water Borjomi directly from springs, middle ages castle Rabati and city of caves - Vardzia. Follow us and explore ancient Georgia.