Holiday Packing List in COVID Times

By Sofia | Jul 4, 2020

Travelling has changed drastically and it is critical to have in mind how a packing list should be in pandemic times. While Europe is resuming traveling, it is mandatory to travel with items that prevent the spread of the virus and follow the guidelines of health authorities. The main goal of everyone, of course, is to prevent a second wave of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Besides checking the news from health authorities like the World Health Organization, that releases a daily report about the pandemic situation, consider a general holiday packing list to include these items:

But if you are wondering what can’t be missing in your luggage regarding the coronavirus, here is your essentials list:


Take a few with you. If you take reusable masks, make sure they have at least 2 layers and can be easily washed. If you take disposable ones, make sure they are recognized as safe or validated by the country’s health authorities.

Alcohol-based hand sanitizer

If you travel only with a cabin carry-on baggage, you will have to limit your liquids to 100ml bottles. If you travel with checked baggage, you can take a bigger bottle of hand sanitizer (or buy it in a pharmacy in your destination) and use mini bottles as refill. Remember to pay attention to the safety measures regarding hand sanitizers.

Soap or hand wash

You are likely to find soap or hand wash in any hotel or hostels, but, just in case, take some with you. Besides, if you care about your hands’ softness, you will want to assure the quality of your hand wash.

Disinfecting wipes

Hotels and restaurants are committed to keeping their facilities clean and virus-free, but disinfecting wipes are not too much. They are for those situations where you need to clean some surface or object because you are not very sure about its hygiene.


Even if you are not cold or are not sick, you might sneeze for some reason, like an allergy. Tissues should be always with you for those sneezing or coughing moments.

Disposable gloves

If you are not sure about the cleanliness of the place you are, you might need to wear gloves. If you enter a supermarket and there are no gloves available, you can wear your own. So at least a pair of gloves should always be there with you.

Trash bags

The clothes and shoes you wear during the trip should be put separately in trash bags until you can wash them when returning home.


It’s a basic item to check if your feverish sensation is only imagination or if you should go see a doctor (remember to observe the local health authorities advise: maybe you should call first before going to an emergency room).

Prevention measures to COVID-19 during holidays

  • Keep the 2-meter distance mandatory no matter what circumstance.
  • Avoid kissing, hugging or shaking hands with people you’ve never seen before.
  • Keep your environment clean, by disinfecting objects and surfaces that you think are not clean enough.
  • Avoid dirty places or facilities.
  • Wash your hands often, especially if you take public transportation, go to public toilets or use common facilities of hotels. After touching any public object, clean your hands with a sanitizer or wash them with soap and water.
  • Do not touch your eyes, nose or mouth with dirty (or not clean enough) hands.
  • Use a tissue when sneezing or coughing. Another option is to cover your nose with your bent elbow. Do not cough or sneeze freely in the air.
  • Watch your general hygiene, taking as many showers as necessary.
  • If you are an European traveling in Europe, travel with your European Health Insurance Card. If not, travel with health insurance.
  • If you feel unwell, call the local health services and follow their guidelines. Do not leave your hotel or accommodation place if you think you might have COVID-19 symptoms. Follow the local health authorities procedures.

COVID-19 Health Packing

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