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Welcome to Bubi Bottle! We’re change-makers who are passionate about innovation, hydration, and the environment. We’re a team of thinkers and dreamers wanting to help people resolve the frustration of carrying clunky water bottles as well as the environmental cost of using disposable water bottles. Creatively Designed – the fun, quirky design of the Bubi Bottle is reason enough to buy one! Portable and easy to store – it rolls up and takes almost no space making it easy to store in your handbag. Durable – it’s puncture resistant making it the perfect solution for kids and outdoor activities Simple to Clean – it can be turned inside out so you can get to those hard to reach corners Multi-Purpose – the Bubi Bottle can be used for your morning coffee, a hike up a mountain, or your kid’s school bag Reduce Plastic Waste With the Convenient, Eco-Friendly Bubi Bottle

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