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By okonomiNOMS | Jun 4, 2019
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Located in Kichijoi are two gorgeous Ghibli inspired Cat Cafés. We chilled out with some cute cats at their newest location Temari no Oshiro.

Kichijoji is home to Temari no Oshiro and Temari no Ouchi (the original café) as well as being the home to the Studio Ghibli Museum. Studio Ghibli is a famous Japanese animation film studio that produced the movies Spirited Away, My Neighbour Totoro, Howls Moving Castle, Princess Mononoke and many more. Tom and I are both massive fans of Studio Ghibli and animals so what better way to incorporate the two!

Temari no Oshiro is open 10am-9pm daily. Admission ‎¥1200 weekdays, ‎¥1600 weekends, ‎¥700 evenings after 7pm. They offer unlimited time, so this is a fantastic place to sit back and relax. Many people even come to study or work as they have free wifi.
The Cat Café is part of a mini complex that has small stores in the same style. It’s so intricate and lush with little cat details hidden throughout. The style of the building seems as if it was pulled straight out of My Neighbour Totoro!

We decided to make the café our first stop in Kichijoji before we headed to the Studio Ghibli Museum, Harmonica Alley for lunch, shopping and over to Bakawarai for Dinner.
There's a full menu of food as well as coffee, tea and alcoholic beverages. As this was our first stop for the day we ordered a couple of coffees. We also ordered a very extravagant Pumpkin Caramel Pudding Parfait which came with an adorable cat shaped biscuit! Absolutely delicious!
The cats at Temari no Oshiro are very well cared for. No one crowded them, rushed them or held them (unless they worked there). Everyone who visited treated the café as if it was the cats home they were walking into and treated all cats with respect. Many people would try to entice the friendly felines over with the toys available, which they loved! The cats have little nooks, holes and an escape area up the tree if they want time alone which is fantastic.
The best way to get a cats attention; order food. They will all become your best friend and try their best to get you to share. The staff will provide you with a cover so no sneaky cats help themselves.

The café provides you with a booklet which has all of the individual cats information, their likes, dislikes and cute facts. We found one of the kitties names was Tommy so Tom and Tommy quickly became best friends! Tommy the cat was also a little cheeky just like Tom the human!
All in all this was an adorable and memorable experience and we can’t wait to go back again!

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