Top 3 Travel Tips for Single Parents

By greenearthadventuretales | Aug 20, 2020

I became a single parent to my two children when they were five and four. At that time, I decided that I would work very hard to provide them with all the same opportunities and experiences that they may have had in a two-parent family. So far, we have enjoyed multiple adventures and camping trips and they have learned so many new things like skiing, hiking and kayaking. I would not trade it for the world. But, in all honesty it is a lot of work and I do get a little tired!

Along the way I have learned how to make it as easy as possible for myself. Here are the top three tips I can share:

1. Pack way lighter than you think

I can remember taking our first "trip" with my first newborn. We were going about 3 hours down the highway to stay with my Mother-In-Law at her house. There was going to be no shortage of comforts, there were plenty of stores nearby, and of course we had a very excited built-in babysitter. Still, I packed our truck to the point of bursting with all the things I thought my baby may need. There was barely room to fit myself in the vehicle when it was all done. Since then, I have greatly improved my skills at packing and have learned one important lesson. You don't need much. Going on a travel adventure is all about experiencing new things. Pack just enough clothes for any potential weather, and pick one or two toys or games to bring along. Leave the rest behind. You'll be amazed at the creativity and fun that comes from inspired imaginations, and you'll be thankful to travel clutter free!

2. Prep Meals

Prepping meals at home have three great benefits. First, they are much healthier than most restaurant options. Second, they are much more affordable, leaving you more money for the fun stuff! And finally, they are super portable. We have been increasingly creative with food prep, making everything from peanut butter and oat breakfast bars to hard boiled eggs and pre-sliced vegetables. Plan to cook a little extra at dinner in the days leading up to your travel and you'll have tons of leftovers to take along too. Keep it simple and healthy, so you can spend your time and energy adventuring.

3. Involve the Kids

Kids LOVE being involved in getting ready for travel. It helps to build the excitement, they are kept busy waiting for the big day and they have a sense of accomplishment in making the trip a success. My kids are young, so we practice counting and math problems by figuring out how many days we are going and then packing shorts and pants and socks accordingly. They get everything laid out on their beds and then we go through it together to make sure nothing has been forgotten. They pack it into their bags and take it to the front door when it's ready. This is a great time saver for you and is a great way to get the kids fired up!

If you are a single parent wanting to adventure, I say go for it!! Use these three tips to make your experience fun and something you'll want to do again and again!

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Written by greenearthadventuretales
An adventuring single Mom who is seeing what she can, learning as she goes and trying to leave the world a better place.

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