Travel Souvenirs is Like Taking Travel Home With You

By sarikajain23 | Jun 5, 2021

My souvenirs from my beautiful and blessed trips....

My souvenirs from my beautiful and blessed trips....

Travelling is the beautiful experience and a wonderful journey, destination situated miles away, which lets a tired soul on fire and helps to gain that lost energy. We always take memories, experience of our journeys with us whenever we return from our travel and these are stored for forever in some corner of our heart. Who doesn't want their travel memories to remain fresh forever? As those memories lights up one's life and bring a very happy smile on their faces. And, trust me this smile is worth to die for.

We humans have a tendency to hold on to our memories for forever in the form of material belongings and Why not? As this one deserves a special place in our heart, mind and soul. Travel leaves the footprints of happiness, joy, eternal peace in our life. The talks and the answers which we were finding in ourselves is the outcome of our travel. Boosts up confidence, keeps everyone moving/going and a thrive to inner strength are some of the silver lining of travel. So, go for it.

My Box Of Happiness......

My Box Of Happiness......

I always want to hold onto to my travel memories till death apart us. Whenever I travel to some place, I always look for something authentic which I can take it back in the physical form to fondly look back upon my return. I know we always take a lot of photos in our travels for our memories but that ain't enough and buying a very small souvenir will not splurge our budget. And I always prefer to go for small souvenirs or mementos which hold a meaning either fridge magnets or some statues or idols or pens or mirror case picturing the art of the city, jewellery, purses/clutches, or some special handicrafts including the apparel and accessories of the place.

So the question is how do we keep bringing these interesting souvenirs from our vacation every single time? Well, don't worry, I got you covered, I am sharing some of my ideas in this blog post, about souvenirs to choose or keep in mind whenever you travel next time in order to take travel home with you. Let me clarify few things before I mention about my souvenirs collection and its ideas:

1. I am a budget traveller; I look for small souvenirs which are not only authentic but also budget friendly.
2. The souvenirs, I choose doesn't occupy much space and it really fits and adjusts well in my luggage, anywhere.
3. The souvenirs are the gifts which you either gift yourself or get to gift someone else. So, choose wisely.

Let's start with the few souvenirs I brought back from my travels and honestly while writing and keeping all the souvenirs at one place, it brought back all my travel memories and now, I feel the need of travelling. Hoping these difficult time permits to do the same, later.

Souvenir Ideas For Your Next Trip

1. The Cliché Souvenir

All the magnets collected across the world (Kashmir, Meghalaya, Rameshwaram, Nanded, Himachal Pradesh, USA, Singapore) but many are missing.

All the magnets collected across the world (Kashmir, Meghalaya, Rameshwaram, Nanded, Himachal Pradesh, USA, Singapore) but many are missing.

Small Pouches Collection (Singapore, Uttrakhand, Shirdi) and Cap from Wayanad....

Small Pouches Collection (Singapore, Uttrakhand, Shirdi) and Cap from Wayanad....

We all would have bought these kinds of souvenirs mentioned below but my favourite is fridge magnets because it is budget friendly and occupies less space.

a. Fridge Magnets
b. Mirror cases
c. Classic City name t-shirts
d. Cool wallets and purses
e. State Name Pens
f. Beautiful Passport Covers

Mirror Cases Collection (Meghalaya, Himachal Pradesh and Sikkim)

Mirror Cases Collection (Meghalaya, Himachal Pradesh and Sikkim)

Pens and Passport Cover Collection (Singapore, Sikkim & Meghalaya)

I try to collect the fridge magnet of the states I visit and see the image below which is my precious collection but it doesn't have all the magnets of all the places I have visited. I am trying to update and collect the magnets of those places which I couldn't buy.

2. Jewellery

All these Jewelleries collected from travels (Uttrakhand, Meghalaya,Sikkim & Himachal Pradesh)

This type pf souvenir is very famous among woman and why not actually.Mentioning below the items which you can consider next if you haven't already.

a. Earrings
b. Rings
c. Traditional necklace
d. Clutchers

I am really not a jewellery person but getting small jewellery as a gift for someone who loves jewellery is the best gift you can give them like bangles(my mother loves it),earrings(my sister and friends, they totally love this). And any women cannot resist the temptation of junk jewellery. I know it's not worth anything but they are affordable, attractive and doesn't cost you luggage.

3. Idols or Statues

Buddha and Monks from my travel (Dharamshala, Sikkim and Meghalaya)

Buddha and Monks from my travel (Dharamshala, Sikkim and Meghalaya)

I love collecting Buddhas and monks,they are my another favourite in souvenir collection. Olle,they are so cute <3
a. Statues of Buddhas
b. Statues of Monks
Recently, when I was travelling to the north eastern states of India where Buddhism is very much followed and practised, I saw those cute little monks and Buddha's statues and they were so pretty, it's very difficult to control the temptation of buying but at the same its actually worth bringing them home as nothing costs more than your happiness and Buddha is already a peace lover. So, this is called as the thoughts discussion in the mind and self-agreeing.

4. Kitchen Accessories

Tea Coasters and Magnets Collection from my travel (Singapore, Sikkim, Meghalaya, USA, Rameshwaram, Nanded, Himachal Pradesh & Kashmir)

Kitchen accessories are also useful and sometimes you really get good stuffs so look for these in your next trip.
a. Coffee Mugs
b. Tea Coasters
c. Wine Bottle Stoppers
I remember getting few kitchen accessories like Tea Coasters and wine bottle stoppers for my home from my travel as I was finding it a little cool and most importantly they were not acquiring much space in my luggage and honestly they are very super useful souvenirs to bring back.

5. Apparel and Accessories

Shawls,Jackets,Caps,Hoodies collection,straight from the mountains (Kashmir, Uttrakhand, Sikkim, Amritsar, Meghalaya)

Shawls,Jackets,Caps,Hoodies collection,straight from the mountains (Kashmir, Uttrakhand, Sikkim, Amritsar, Meghalaya)

Apparels always gives that butterfly,excitement and happy-wala feeling,hopping for these shops and exploring stuff is itself a great fun.I love this part and I am always super excited for this.So lets explore my collection of souvenirs from my travels.

a. Shawls
b. Jackets
c. Caps, Hats and Gloves
d. Shoes like ‘jootis'
e. Traditional shawls and stolls like pashmina and phulkari

I guess shopping is the favourite thing of every woman, who doesn't like shopping clothes? I guess no one. Whenever I have gone to mountains, I have always preferred to get the local traditional handmade shawls as this is the second best souvenir I prefer buying. I love souvenirs and my family totally loves it as they get gift in return, though they scold me for spending money but they are best in flaunting the same at the same time. And, the best part is buying these superb souvenirs; you don't have to go to the mall just take a sneak peek in the local market.

There you go so many fun ideas. I hope you enjoyed reading this article and seeing my collection of souvenirs from around the world. So, travel more, collect more souvenirs and give your soul what it truly needs and desires. Happy Souvenir Collection.


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Written by sarikajain23
A female solo traveler. Based out of Bangalore, India. I started traveling solo as it was in one of my to-do buckets lists. In the beginning, it was difficult for me to travel due to the money crunch and my money management problem but slowly I realized that I do not need materialistic stuff because it is not going to give me that feel and peace which my soul needs it. And then, I started cutting off all the unnecessary expenses, and then I was able to save some money to travel. And that is how I started traveling. I travel light and I prefer to stay in budget accommodation but that should be safe for a solo traveler. I take time to know the ... Read more

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