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A female solo traveler. Based out of Bangalore, India. I started traveling solo as it was in one of my to-do buckets lists. In the beginning, it was difficult for me to travel due to the money crunch and my money management problem but slowly I realized that I do not need materialistic stuff because it is not going to give me that feel and peace which my soul needs it. And then, I started cutting off all the unnecessary expenses, and then I was able to save some money to travel. And that is how I started traveling. I travel light and I prefer to stay in budget accommodation but that should be safe for a solo traveler. I take time to know the place rather than rushing around and seeing off the sights. I love to make new friends and connections esp. with the local families to know about the place, culture, food pattern, dressing, and many more. I respect every religion and culture and I am honoured to say that I have earned people in my life while traveling. I have dreams of traveling like other girls and I chase them to fulfill. We should not have ifs and buts in life, rather have ‘yes’ or ‘no’. And that is we are going to make our life easier. I have seen almost all the beaches in India but when I saw the scenic view of the snow-capped mountains for the first time I was screaming in joy. I thought where I was, how did I miss seeing this ‘beautiful’ creation of God. So, yes, I am a mountain lover. Out of all the mountains I have seen Khajjiar, Himachal Pradesh, India, and Kashmir, Jammu & Kashmir, India are my favourites. After 6 solo trips in 2 years, finally made up my mind that I will write all my experiences one by one. A solo traveler, an adventurer holding a Master’s Degree in Business Administration, and proud to work for a US-based carpet company that makes carbon neutral floors for a more sustainable space. A Woman|| Traveler || Travel Blogger|| Travel Enthusiast ||A Believer of Dreams

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