Hidden Gems of Hong Kong: Temple Hill (Tsz Wan Shan)

By Bigaltravelcompanion | Oct 22, 2019
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Tsz Wan Kok in Temple Hill

Tsz Wan Kok in Temple Hill

Discovery of Temple Hill (Tsz Wan Shan)

Temple Hill (Tsz Wan Shan) stands at the foothill of Lion Rock Hill. The roads are very steep and it is not easy to walk from Wong Tai Sin to Temple Hill (Tsz Wan Shan). When I was young, I joined a jogging club and the coach asked us to train ourselves walking from Wong Tai Sin to Tsz Wan Shan. So, I guarantee that you will enjoy the walk if you are an athlete.

Living condition and crime rate was poor in Temple Hill (Tsz Wan Shan) in the 1970s. A story that represents Temple Hill (Tsz Wan Shan) in the 1970s is "Thirteen Gang Members of Temple Hill" in which the "Gang" belongs to a triad called 14K in Hong Kong. Their name is well known to everyone in Temple Hill (Tsz Wan Shan) such as Siu Kei Lee.

Temple Hill is one of the entrance access to Lion Rock Hill. As I recall, there was a socccer field opposite to Tze Wan Shan Police Station. I believe that the exact location is where Sha Tin Pass Estate is plus two or three former estates was there accompanying few stores on the ground floor. The exact location of the starting points of a mountain trail leading up to Lion Rock Hill is reached from Treasure of Dharma Monastery (Fat Jong Ji). A few famous spots on the hill for locals in Hong Kong are Lion’s Pavilion, Purple Bamboo Pavilion (Tsz Chuk Ting), Monastery of Goddess of Mercy (Tsz Wan Shan Kwun Yam Buddhist Temple), Lion Rock and Amah Rock.

Hidden Gems in Temple Hill (Tsz Wan Shan)

There are only two hidden gems in Temple Hill (Tsz Wan Shan): Temple of Temple Hill (Tsz Wan Kok) and Treasure of Dharma Monastery (Fat Jong Ji). Honestly, I cannot find a proper way to translate the temple name for Temple of Temple Hill (Tsz Wan Kok). However, Temple of Temple Hill (Tsz Wan Kok) is a pretty interesting place.

Technically, Treasure of Dharma Monastery (Fat Jong Ji) is not a tourist spot. It is just a small monastery situated at the starting point towards Lion Rock Hill. In fact, it does not actually mean “Jong is fat”. The name of the monastery in English should be “Treasure of Dharma Monastery”. “Fat” means “Dharma” and “Jong” means “Treasuring something”.

Another place can be a tourist spot or simply just an interesting temple in Temple Hill (Tsz Wan Kok). It has many fascinating statutes and sculptures around the temple. When entering the temple. Make sure you climb to the very top to see the dragons with balls on their hands and a platform overlooking Temple Hill (Tsz Wan Shan). The rooftop is quite dangerous and scary. The shrines on rooftop do not have lighting. The most popular spot among locals is Ten Halls of Hell. Another famous spot disappeared. The remains is just a plaque describing "God of Cow". The description provided by the organisation is in Chinese. Please read my translation as below:

"God of Cow born in 1983. His birthplace is Cheung Sha Wan Abattoir located at Lai Chi Kok Road. When he was 17, he was going to be slaughtered. Prior to his supposed last breath, he cried. Very well then, he escaped the killing and be sent to Temple of Temple Hill (Tsz Wan Kok) and being taken care of. Under eleven years of caring, he died on 22 May 1994 at 04:30 p.m. Many believers claimed that the cow told them he is the cow of the Cowherd and the Weaver Girl. Unfortunately, I did not use a camera or have a sharp memory to record every moments when he was alive! I just saw him once. Possibly once!

Temple of Temple Hill

Temple of Temple Hill

How to Reach Temple Hill (Tsz Wan Shan)

The easiest option is KMB Bus No. 3C near Mong Kok MTR Station. When you finish your ride, you may go to Customer Service Centre inside the station and grab the Information Guide which has maps and useful information. It is especially helpful to locate the exit of where you are heading. Once you arrive the terminus at Tsz Wan Shan North, turn around and you will see the temple just opposite to Islamic Dharwood Pau Memorial Primary School.

Another option is taking Green Minibus No.18M from Wong Tai Sin MTR Station Exit E. Turn left till you can locate the minibus terminus next to the bridge.When you finish your ride, you may go to Customer Service Centre inside the station and grab Information Guide which has maps and useful information.

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