The Highest Viewing Platforms Which We Recommend to Visit

By JoyandTravel | Aug 30, 2020

The viewing platform Skywalk, the West Grand Canyon, the USA, located at the height of 1219 meters, starts our Top List of viewing platforms. The uniqueness of this sightseeing platform is that it is located completely at the totally opened area. You get lost in the interminable landscape and feel the wind and the sunshine. This observation deck is made in the horseshoe shape and put forward 20 meters from the edge of the West Grand Canyon. Transparent floor and walls create a feeling that visitors are fixed in the air. The Skywalk construction lets pass 120 visitors at the same time. Not only the construction of glass design will take your breath away, but also the amazing West Grand Canyon view. The relief of the Grand Canyon mountains charms all tourists without any exception.

For your information, you will not be allowed to take your camera or mobile phone to make photos on the Skywalk. You have to leave all the personal belongings in the locker room. A photographer works on the Skywalk, so you can order a photo there. Your photos will be sent to your email-box in 10 minutes. You can book a ticket online.

The second place of our Top List goes to the viewing platform of superlative and the world’s tallest skyscraper Burj Khalifa, Dubai, the UAE. The observation deck At the Top is located on the 124-th floor at the height of 452.1 meters, while the height of the Dubai Tower is 828 meters, twice higher than the Empire State Building. The opening of the second observation deck on the 148-th floor was in 2014.

You will never forget the view from the observation deck – fascinating skyscrapers and fountains, which are close to the Burj Khalifa. It offers 360° view to the visitors, and some parts of the sightseeing platform are outdoor and you can feel the wind, which is really exciting.

Burj Khalifa, Dubai

Burj Khalifa, Dubai

We recommend you to buy tickets in advance on the official webpage. You also can buy tickets directly at the box office of the shopping center Dubai Mall on the ground floor (level LG), but in this case, be ready for a long queue.

The third place of our Top List goes to observatory of the skyscraper Taipei 101, Taipei, Taiwan. The full height of the building is 509.2 meters. The height of the observatories: 391.6 meters (outdoor observation deck on the 91-st floor) and 383.3 meters (indoor observation deck on the 89-th floor). Taipei 101 is the eighth highest skyscraper in the world and the fifth highest skyscraper in Asia (the tallest continent building from 2003 to 2007). At the same time when the Burj Khalifa is the tallest in the world, Taipei 101 skyscraper has the world’s largest damper sphere and the world’s fastest elevators, their speed is 60.6 km / h. During the ascent and descent of the elevator you will not feel its speed, everything happens very calmly and, of course, interesting for the visitors thanks to the incredible star ceiling in the elevators. You can get for 39 seconds from the fifth floor to the observation deck on the 89-th floor.

An interesting idea of engineers to reduce the risk of skyscraper collapse during earthquakes or hurricanes, which are often in Taiwan, was to construct a huge 660-tonne wind damper that is located between 87-th and 91-th floors. Its main purpose is to reduce the swaying of the tower during strong winds and hurricanes. The wind damper sways to offset movements of the building. Two additional tuned mass dampers, each weighing 6 tonnes, are installed at the spire top.
All interested visitors can see the wind damper during the tour to the observation deck.

You will enjoy a wonderful view of whole Taipei, the business center and residential areas, mountains and jungles, located near the city. On the 89-th floor you can buy a postcard and send it directly to your relatives or friends, putting a stamp Taipei 101.

You may buy tickets in advance or make a ticket reservation through the official website of Taipei 101 skyscraper.

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