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Jul 5, 2020• by travellingwithmynikon

Spend a Few Days in Fife

If you have a few days free while in Edinburgh, you can spend it visiting the attractions and villages in Fife. The medieval village & Royal Burgh of Culross (pronounced Coo-riss) is in the Kingdom...

Jul 4, 2020• by JoExplores

A Quick Guide to Belém, Portugal

If you would like to venture a little bit further out of central Lisbon, the district of Belém is a perfect getaway from a city life. It's located 7 kilometres south-west of Lisbon's centre, at...

Jun 26, 2020• by wasatch

Unfortunate Schwäbisch Hall, Germany

Schwabisch Hall is one of my favorite quaint, little touristed villages in Germany. Its off the beaten path, and that is all to its advantage, but not so much to yours. You have to find a way to get...

Jun 21, 2020• by Czaplickitravel

The Salses Fortress - Impenetrable and Invincible

Salses Fortress is one of the finest example of early modern military architecture we've ever seen. Situated around 15 km from Perpignan, France, it was built between 1497 and 1504 by the...

May 23, 2020• by Yinchuan_Travels

The Great Wall of China- Ningxia style!

When you think of the Great Wall of China, the image that pops into your head is more than likely the incredible section of stone monument near Beijing, that is usually bustling with tourists and...

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