Josone Park is a green oasis in the heart of Varadero

By Luis_Herrera | Nov 11, 2019
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Josone Park is a natural paradise

Josone Park is a natural paradise

Josone Park is a green oasis in the heart of Varadero, located at the intersection of 1st Avenue and 56th Street. The site is a peaceful garden of about nine hectares, full of trees and flowers, this center is a Natural lagoon surrounded by palm trees. It's an unforgettable site for photographers!

Josone Park is a natural paradise with numerous trees such as flamboyans, bamboos, flowers and ornamental plants, people can breathe an incredible atmosphere of peace. There you can enjoy boat rides or rowing boats, the delicious and traditional guarapo, a sugar cane juice, in any of the gastronomic establishments, or buy beautiful Cuban handicrafts at souvenir stands.

Pedestrian Brige

Pedestrian Brige

The park offers another attraction: a wide space, ideal for picnics in family or only with your partner because the place is very romantic, full of flowers and quietness. Children often have a lot of fun, running through the grass and watching the animals that are exhibited there, especially birds such as ducks, macaws, roosters and ostriches. But the most impressive thing is the great "Laguna de la Paz", located almost to the center of the park and surrounded to the south by lands that rise in the form of a cliff, and have natural grottos and flaps named Cuevas de Figueroa.

Dante Restaurant, specializing in Italian cuisine

Dante Restaurant, specializing in Italian cuisine

There are countless dining options in the park such as the Dante Restaurant, specializing in Italian cuisine located in the house built in 1943 this was the first owners' home of the place. El Retiro Restaurant, in which you can enjoy exquisite Cuban and international cuisine that is located in a neoclassical building completed in 1945. That was the main home of the first owners of the place.

The current La Campana Restaurant was conceived in a cabin erected in 1945, and was used for intimate talk in breakfast and lunch media with friends and guests. Its architecture has the influence of a ranch in the North American style. Inside of it heads of embalmed animals and hunting trophies are exhibited. Other establishments of the park are the restaurants Antiques and El Rancho specialized in paellas and mixed rice, La Gruta de Vino and La Guarapera, the later one shows the history of sugar in Cuba.

Although Varadero is the Cuban kingdom of turquoise beaches and fine sand, you don't just have to go there for a dip., You have other places to stay with your family, quiet, admiring nature in the shade, and enjoying the local culinary tradition. Josone Park is a wonderful place to be visited!.

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