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By wasatch | May 8, 2022
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Big Sur

Big Sur

CA's coast runs north – south for 840 miles, with a scenic coastline of 3,427 miles. I'm not going to detail everything to see on the coast road, CA Rt #1, just some of the highlights we remember from our trips along it. Starting in the north, and traveling south.

1] Redwood National Park
2] A lighthouse. Don't recall exactly where
3 Muir Woods National Monument-- more redwood trees, an easy half day trip from San Francisco
4] Sausalito
5] The Golden Gate Bridge.
6] The views of the Golden Gate from just south of the bridge.
7] Santa Cruz
8] Monetary and the Monterey Peninsula
9] Pebble Beach
10] Carmel
11] Big Sur
12] San Simeon or Hearst's Castle, as close as anything in the USA comes to the Palace at Versailles. Hearst was the real life protagonist of the famed movie, “Citizen Kane”.
13] Santa Monica
14] Malibu
15] Los Angeles
16] La Jolla Cove. A beautiful setting. A great beach, but chilly water, and a perfect climate. Our friends who lived at La Jolla Cove in a house built by a 19th C sea captain, have neither heat nor air conditioning because neither is needed. The daily high temperature ranges from 63 to 72 degrees F over the year-- sweaters are needed on the Southern CA coast.
17] San Diego
18] Tijuana Mexico.

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