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By sicilyshortstay | May 1, 2019
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Planning a trip to Sicily and do not know where to stay?
Sicily is a charming place with plenty of places of interests. The island is in the south of Italy. It comprises of nine provinces, and small stunning islands spread like gems on the blue waters of the Mediterranean sea. Sicily enjoys a mildly cold climate during Winter which is perfect if you want to escape the freezing snow.

Small Islands of Sicily

The volcanic islands of Aeolians on the north of the mainland offer scenic landscapes and unique experience to anyone who wants to admire their beauty. Moreover, there are the Aegadian islands and Motya on the west of Sicily. the islands also include Pelagie islands on further south. They are all equally lovely.

Vulcano of the Aeolian islands, photo courtesy of Jos Dielis

Vulcano of the Aeolian islands, photo courtesy of Jos Dielis


With a significant capital like Palermo, Sicily will never run out of things to please your imagination and your thirst for literary of yore. From the Phoenicians to the Romans, Arabs, Normans, Spanish and modern Sicilia. Palermo is a great place to explore with its Arab-Norman churches and buildings. The historic centre of Palermo is a delight to walk. Wander along the streets of monuments while witnessing the authentic culture of the city during your trip. If you have more time to spend, we suggest the towns of Monreale and Cefalù to see the other UNESCO sites.

historic centre of Palermo photo courtesy of Jorge Franganillo

historic centre of Palermo photo courtesy of Jorge Franganillo


Catania has many things to boast too, its lively centre and nightlife. There are also religious traditions as well as beaches. Most of all, it is where you can have a glimpse of the landscape queen of Sicily, Mount Etna. The volcano has been the symbol of Sicily for many centuries.


The Greek remains in Agrigento or also known as the Valley of the Temples is a haven for mythology lovers for its history and stories.


Syracuse which was once the centre of Magna Graecia and now home to many Sicilian Baroque architectures.

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We are a multiracial team of Italians and Asians. Sicily is our home, and we want you to feel at home too while staying here. Make you fall in love with the island’s spectacular beauty. We offer affordable holiday accommodations in Sicily, and during our spare time, we travel the island to discover more majestic places to recommend to our guests. We love learning and sharing the culture and history of Sicily. From its early inhabitants to Greek mythology, Roman history, Islamic invasion, Norman occupation, Christianity and the modern day Sicily. We dig deeper to understand these topics and show to the world the unique identity of Sicily... Read more

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