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    Aug 18, 2020• by mytravelboots

    24 Hours in Angkor Wat, Cambodia

    I had always wanted to visit the temple of Angkor Wat after watching a documentary –The Lost City of the God Kings: Angkor Wat which I saw sometime in the year 2005. The documentary throws light on...

    Nov 28, 2019• by planetrowoo

    The Essential Temples Of Angkor

    I first visited the Temples of Angkor back in 2002 during my 3-month travels around Asia. I hadn’t witnessed anything quite on the scale of this sprawling ancient complex before, I became...

    Nov 6, 2019• by Amanda_wild

    What to do in Cambodia

    Cambodia is, of course, famous for its Angkor Wat temples but this country has also plenty of resources. The landscapes and the Khmer culture are great to discover as this country stay very...

    Jun 26, 2019• by younggadabout

    Angkor Wat - The Jungle Temple

    Located in Cambodia, the world famous Angkor Wat entices lovers for excursion around the world. The staircase leading to the entrance of the temple of Angkor Wat is the only way to fully enjoy...

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