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    Dec 6, 2020• by caitkontalis

    3 Full Day Iceland Itinerary

    For winter travel in Reykjavik, 5 days total. Grab your puffer coat, order an Icelandic beer, and board your overnight flight to Reyjkavik (if you're coming from North or South America...

    Aug 28, 2019• by Endlessly_Jetlagged

    Pack your bags to a whimsical land far, far away – Finland

    When I told our friends and family that Shiv & I would be spending the entire December of 2018 travelling around Finland, these were their immediate reactions: “You are going all the way to Europe...

    Aug 17, 2019• by The_Wanderlust_Diaries

    Chasing the Northern Lights in Alaska

    The northern lights are one of the most magical natural phenomenons you can experience. They are on everyone's bucket lists! Most people don't realize that you don't have to escape to Norway or...

    Nov 2, 2018• by Gravey

    Watching Norway's Northern Lights

    If you want to have a chance at the northern lights and do not want to go in the winter, mid October till the end of the October still gives you daylight end the night without being 24 hours of...

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