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    Sep 30, 2019• by Bigaltravelcompanion

    Festivals in Hong Kong: Mid-autumn Lantern Displays

    Mid-autumn was originated from a Chinese mythology or so called a fairy tale "Chang'e Ascending to Moon" from Huainanzi. Chinese usually relate Mid-autumn Festival to rabbit, mooncake and...

    Sep 25, 2019• by Bigaltravelcompanion

    Leonardo da Vinci Exhibition at City University (Hong Kong)

    This exhibition is really worth to spend some time on. It exhibits a small collection of the works by Da Vinci. You may need to spend half of your day for just exploring the marvellous works...

    Sep 6, 2019• by Bigaltravelcompanion

    Hidden Gems of Hong Kong: Hong Kong News Expo

    Do not put too much expectation on this museum. There is not much to see. This museum is of course a quite interesting place when it comes to the development of journalism in Hong Kong. Heaps...

    Jul 20, 2019• by Bigaltravelcompanion

    Airport Core Programme Exhibition Centre (Hong Kong)

    Honestly, there is not much to see in this place in which it is a time wasting activity if you visit Hong Kong for a few days. So, I catagorise this place as a non-tourist spot. For whom...

    May 30, 2019• by okonomiNOMS

    TeamLab Borderless Tokyo

    TeamLab is a company that creates massive interactive digital art displays. We ventured through their Borderless exhibition in Odaiba, Tokyo! TeamLab Borderless is unlike any museum that...

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