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May 7, 2019• by TravellingTabby

Staten Island Ferry in New York City

If you're ever in NYC, you probably want to see the Statue of Liberty. There's lots of cruises that go out there, however one of the best ways to see it is to just hop onto the Staten Island...

Apr 10, 2019• by fournomadics

Free Animals Spotting Northern Gold Coast, Australia

Something every tourist loves to do when visiting Australia is see native wildlife close-up and as a result, there are many zoos and parks dedicated to this. However, on the Gold Coast you can also...

Jan 25, 2019• by weporai

Living on $50 a day: Mexico City

If traveling has been a dream but seems a little unaccessible or out of reach, Bia and myself (Alex) are here to bring a confidence boost and reminder that anyone can make it happen. From booking...

Jan 19, 2019• by Sydneysider

First day in Sydney

The very first thing which you should do in a new City is to join the local Free Tours. It will help you quickly learn not only the history of the place, but the layout of the City, location of...

Top 15 things to do in and around Bangkok's Siam Square

Visit the former house of the late silk tycoon for a true beauty of Thai architecture and a stunning collection of rare Asian artifacts. The exquisite complex of six traditional Thai teak houses once...

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