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    Dec 23, 2020• by TravelandLifewithRoaz

    Things to Do in Bern, Switzerland - a Fondue Evening and More

    It was a lovely summer evening with clear skies with a bit of sunshine. Tables arranged out on the street at the Italian restaurant Rialto Pizzeria was busy with diners. Ever since we planned...

    Dec 9, 2020• by Roby_travel

    Visiting Locarno, Switzerland

    Locarno is a sunny Italian-speaking tourist resort and is located in southern Switzerland on Lake Maggiore at the foot of the Alps. On the border between the Italian and Swiss territories...

    Oct 2, 2020• by TravelandLifewithRoaz

    Free Things To Do In Geneva, Switzerland

    We were greeted with the vibrant atmosphere stepping outside the railway station—ample of people walking on either side of the road, Trams running frequently. We quickly picked up our car from the...

    Sep 30, 2020• by AlexRichinho

    Lucerne, the Most Beautiful City in Switzerland

    In 2020 there was a voting competition by foreign tourist, to choose the most beautiful city in Switzerland. In the final, it was left two cities, Zurich and Lucerne, with Lucerne taking the victory...

    Jun 24, 2020• by wasatch

    Visiting Lake Constance (Bodensee)

    The Bodensee is a wide spot in the Rhine River about 40 miles long and seven miles wide. Our 3-4 visits to the Bodensee were in the 1980s, and our impression was that it was a popular vacation spot...

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