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    Sep 30, 2020• by AlexRichinho

    Lucerne, the Most Beautiful City in Switzerland

    In 2020 there was a voting competition by foreign tourist, to choose the most beautiful city in Switzerland. In the final, it was left two cities, Zurich and Lucerne, with Lucerne taking the victory...

    Jun 24, 2020• by wasatch

    Visiting Lake Constance (Bodensee)

    The Bodensee is a wide spot in the Rhine River about 40 miles long and seven miles wide. Our 3-4 visits to the Bodensee were in the 1980s, and our impression was that it was a popular vacation spot...

    Jun 12, 2020• by JoExplores

    Zurich - 10 Things to See and Do

    Most people know Zurich only as Europe’s banking and finance hub, but it’s also a lovely and welcoming tourist destination. From quaint streets, beautiful architecture and a peaceful lake to...

    Feb 11, 2020• by eintravelgirl

    Top 3 Places to Visit on Lake Brienz, Switzerland

    I’ve read stories about Lake Brienz being one of the most spectacular lakes in Switzerland, but to see it in reality, it’s something else. It has to be the tropical color of the lake, the...

    Aug 11, 2019• by SJWtravelguides

    Everything you need to know for 4 days in Geneva

    Duration of trip: 4 days Time of year: June 2019 Currency: Swiss Francs or Euros Good to know: • Tap water is safe to drink so bring a water bottle! • You can pick up a FREE travel ticket valid...

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