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    May 18, 2020• by Ghumakkad_Billa

    Cairo Travel Guide for First-Time Visitors 2020

    Hello Folks, I am back with Cairo travel guide for first-time visitors 2020, lets scroll down to check what you can do while you are in Cairo, Egypt. Cairo, is the capital of Egypt and, with a total...

    Jan 29, 2020• by queenonajourney

    Things to do in Giza and surrounding areas (a complete itinerary)

    At the end of March/beginning of April 2019, I embarked on a long awaited journey to Egypt, staying in Giza for four days. Most only pass through Cairo, spending no more than a day or two, visiting...

    Jan 28, 2020• by queenonajourney

    Inside the Great Pyramid at Giza – Is It Worth Going In?

    The Great pyramid at Giza (Khufu) is the oldest of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, and the only one to remain. Built 4,500 years ago, this defining symbol of the world, which we still look at...

    May 19, 2019• by Mohamed_Khalil

    The history of Giza

    Beginning of the stone-building story was back in Sakkara more than 4600 years ago, where the ancient Egyptians started to use stones in construction for the first time. The architect Imhotep wanted...

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    Quad biking pyramids adventure

    From $45 - $60 / person
    Cairo, Egypt
    2 hours

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    Transfer from Cairo Airport (CAI) to Cairo or Giza

    From $15 - $45 / person
    Cairo, Egypt
    2 hours

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    More tours & activities in Giza

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