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By Mohamed_Khalil | May 19, 2019
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Beginning of the stone-building story was back in Sakkara more than 4600 years ago, where the ancient Egyptians started to use stones in construction for the first time.
The architect Imhotep wanted to build something especially for his King Djoser. Then marvel at the first stone construction (stepped pyramids) in Saqqara. Admire the kink pyramid and the red pyramid, this was the first attempt to build the right pyramid.

The steps pyramid in Saqqara

The steps pyramid in Saqqara

Once in Giza, you can marvel at the pinnacles of ancient Egyptian civilization's Pyramid of Cheops.

The miracle here is not just how they pushed stone on stone and pulled it until the pyramids soar into the sky but also the workers' organization everyone knew what he should do it every day everyone knew which group he belonged to and even every worker should write his name on his own tool.

Cheops pyramid in Giza

Cheops pyramid in Giza

Explore also by their expert as the ancient Egyptians came up with the idea to form a sphinx (the sphinx in Arabic abu el-Hol father of horror).

The Great Sphinx

The Great Sphinx

The great Sphinx in Giza symbolizes the two strengths and strength of humans and animal strength that is the architects in ancient Egypt wanted to tell us that the king cipher is really a man can think, laugh, talk, normal man but he is also strong like a lion, the idea of ​​forming a sphinx for the kings was born.

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