Hiking in Grand Canyon

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      Jul 1, 2021• by wasatch

      The North Rim of the Grand Canyon

      The advantages of the North Rim are: - 1: it is much less crowded, and - 2: its altitude is 1,000 ft. higher than the more popular South Rim, which is to say that the canyon when seen from the...

      Oct 22, 2020• by hintonthetrail

      Best of the Grand Canyon

      The Grand Canyon has been on our bucket list for years! We finally made it a reality and at the right time too as the November weather in Arizona was just perfect for outdoor activities… mostly...

      Jun 7, 2019• by FindYourWhy

      7 Tips For Visiting The Grand Canyon

      This is useful for a few reasons. First, it can either make or break your trip parking wise. The main visitor center doesn’t open until 9:00 am. THAT’S FINE. You’re mostly there for the...

      Jan 17, 2019• by AnaC3

      A Day at the Grand Canyon- South Rim

      The Grand Canyon had been on my bucket list for years and it did not disappoint! Las Vegas to Hoover Dam- stopped for short tour and sightseeingBacktracked to have lunch in historic Boulder...

      May 28, 2021• by caitkontalis

      Things to Know Before Your First Visit to the Grand Canyon – North Rim

      If you're visiting Zion National Park in Utah, consider making the 2.5-hour drive to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. The North Rim only receives 10% of Grand Canyon National Park's annual...

      Apr 8, 2021• by winedownwithpourchoices

      Visiting the Grand Canyon

      We arrived at the Grand Canyon in March of 2020 as the Pandemic was hitting. The park was still open but limited access to services. We were able to maneuver around without any problem as crowds were...

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