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    Mar 4, 2021• by Diti_my_trendy_trail

    The 5 X Best National Parks In Israel

    Israel is a small country, about 420 km in length and about 115 km across surprisingly it offers a unique diversity of landscapes and climate characteristics. Israel has a coastline along the...

    Dec 19, 2020• by Diti_my_trendy_trail

    5 Hidden Gems in Tel Aviv You Probably Don’t Know About!

    I love Tel Aviv! To this day, even after extensive traveling and living abroad Tel Aviv is one of my favorite cities in the world! I return here every chance I get. Tel Aviv is famous for the...

    Nov 16, 2018• by Burbs2Abroad

    Unforgettable Jerusalem Views

    There isn’t a better souvenir than a picturesque shot and Jerusalem is filled with them! Here are a few spots not to miss while visiting the Holy City. It only seems fitting to start with the...

    May 6, 2018• by Bright_Nomad

    The weekend in Israel

    The Israeli weekend surprises many tourists. It starts on Friday afternoon and ends on Saturday evening after sunset. Sunday is an ordinary working day. There are no buses and trains during the...

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