5 Hidden Gems in Tel Aviv You Probably Don’t Know About!

By Diti_my_trendy_trail | Dec 19, 2020
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Tel Aviv beach front.

Tel Aviv beach front.

I love Tel Aviv! To this day, even after extensive traveling and living abroad Tel Aviv is one of my favorite cities in the world! I return here every chance I get.
Tel Aviv is famous for the spectacular beachfront and NYC-like nightlife however, every now and then it's good fun to go and explore beyond.

#1 For the history buffs ~ Follow in the footsteps of the Templars. The Sarona complex located at the heart of Tel Aviv is a Templar's village above ground as well as underground tunnels you can walk through dug by hand by German Templars arriving in Israel during 1871. These tunnels were even used by the Mossad, Israeli intelligence!

#2 For the foodies ~ Experience unique flavors while tapping into the typical vibes of southern Tel Aviv. Stroll through the Levinsky market. The narrow streets and alleys are filled with little stores/stands of traditional foods, spice sacks, a marzipan factory, and small shops selling authentic delicatessen like Turkish bourekas which I personally think is to die for!

Tel Aviv, Israel

Tel Aviv, Israel

#3 Wander through the trendy, slightly bohemian neighborhood of Florentin ~ Coffee shops, street art, independent art galleries, and communities of foreign workers and immigrants. A very different side of the city.

Tel Aviv, Florentin

Tel Aviv, Florentin

#4 For the market lovers ~ Shuk Hapishpeshim: A 100 years old flea market in Jaffo. It really is a treasure hunt for antiques, art, handmade and secondhand items, jewelry, Judaica items, and furniture that can be found there. Don't be afraid to bargain yourself a good deal, it's how it's done.

#5 For the sporty types ~ Explore Tel Aviv on a bike.


Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv


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what continent is israel in

what continent is israel in
Dec 19, 2020 at 13:38

Amazing travel tips for visiting the gems in Tel Aviv. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. As travellers who visited the country recently I can say that these 5 tips to visit Tel-Aviv are truly helpful. I can't wait to go back to Israel and Tel Aviv sometime soon.

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