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      Feb 25, 2021• by topFlights_Now

      The Top 5 Tourist Attractions in Madagascar

      Madagascar is an island country surrounded by the Indian Ocean off the south-eastern coast of Africa. It is the fourth largest island in the World that is the least spoilt by human intrusion. Almost...

      Jul 2, 2020• by JManzanillo

      Hidden Jewel of Morondava Madagascar: Betania Island

      Morondava is one of the top tourist destinations in Madagascar. For tourists, Morondava is best known as a seaside resort town with a laidback atmosphere where visitors could indulge in relaxing...

      Jun 14, 2020• by JManzanillo

      Travel Madagascar: Ampefy

      If you are on a business trip to Antananarivo, the capital of Madagascar and are looking to book a weekend getway, consider booking a short vacation to Ampefy. The village of Ampefy is...

      Jul 12, 2019• by Bio_D_Island_Tour_Operator

      Madagascar, the paradise island

      Madagascar is the perfect traveling spot for nature lovers granted that it is home to 5% of the world biodiversity : it is undoubtedly an authentic place to visit. Furthermore, we can find here...

      Oct 2, 2022• by byfoodandtravel

      Limeni - the Historic Harbour With the Emerald Waters

      Limeni (Λιμένι) in Mani (Μάνη), in the south Peloponnese, is one of those magical places that if you visit it once it is certain that you will never forget it. It is a small settlement...

      Sep 26, 2022• by wanderingwiththesun

      Hiking Mount Vesuvius: a Picturesque Destination

      Located in Campania, southern Italy, Mount Vesuvius is the only active volcano on Europe's mainland and one of the most dangerous in the world. The volcano's noteworthy aspects include its proximity...

      Where to stay

      Rustic log house at Camp Nina on the Georgia Coast

      $125 - $125 / 2 
      Darien, Georgia, United States

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      Discover East in Pangalane Channel

      From $2850 - $4030 / person
      Antananarivo, Madagascar
      15 days

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