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    Jul 2, 2020• by JManzanillo

    Hidden Jewel of Morondava Madagascar: Betania Island

    Morondava is one of the top tourist destinations in Madagascar. For tourists, Morondava is best known as a seaside resort town with a laidback atmosphere where visitors could indulge in relaxing...

    Jun 14, 2020• by JManzanillo

    Travel Madagascar: Ampefy

    If you are on a business trip to Antananarivo, the capital of Madagascar and are looking to book a weekend getway, consider booking a short vacation to Ampefy. The village of Ampefy is...

    Jul 12, 2019• by Bio_D_Island_Tour_Operator

    Madagascar, the paradise island

    Madagascar is the perfect traveling spot for nature lovers granted that it is home to 5% of the world biodiversity : it is undoubtedly an authentic place to visit. Furthermore, we can find here...

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    Discover East in Pangalane Channel

    From $2850 - $4030 / person
    Antananarivo, Madagascar
    15 days

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    Adventure in Descent of Tsiribihina

    From $1200 - $2100 / person
    Antananarivo, Madagascar
    11 days

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