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Jan 31, 2019• by TheVeganVagabond

For the Mainland China first timers

Before venturing out to this culture-shock inducing, magnificently magical, and crazy country... [Mainland China? That means excluding Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macao, which are autonomous regions...

Nov 7, 2018• by Asia_Undiscovered

How to Survive China When You Don't Speak Chinese

Are you planning a trip to China but can't speak Chinese? If you don't speak Chinese, and you're visiting large cities in China like Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou or Shenzhen, you don't need to worry...

Jul 20, 2018• by LingoYes

Remembering the four Chinese tones

Many Chinese learning beginners can't remember the tones of Chinese characters and even don't know how to distinguish them. Here's the little tip for remembering better, four different tones can be...

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