Remembering the four Chinese tones

Many Chinese learning beginners can't remember the tones of Chinese characters and even don't know how to distinguish them. Here's the little tip for remembering better, four different tones can be remembered as "-M".

  • The first tone is "-"
  • The second tone is "/"
  • The third tone is "V"
  • The fourth tone is "Ôž╣"

Connecting all tones together, just like "-M", perhaps some Chinese learning beginners will find it useful for remembering tones?

Learning Chinese is really not easy at first, it requires that you to spend some time taking notes and memorizing. Try to use the Chinese you've learned in your life to talk with Chinese people, it will be quicker for you to improve your oral Chinese ability. Also, watching more Chinese videos can help you cultivate the sense of listening Chinese.

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Written by LingoYes
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