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    Oct 12, 2020• by Travelingfamilypnw

    Explore the Great Outdoors with A Visit to Whidbey Island and Fort Casey

    Whidbey Island sits in the middle of the Puget Sound just 30 miles north of Seattle. A beautiful waterfront getaway with a landscape full of lushes green grass, trees and beaches. Tucked near the...

    Oct 6, 2020• by travellingwithmynikon

    Beyond the Shopping in Brisbane City

    There is more to Brisbane City than a shopping precinct, and hopefully, you'll find these gems to explore when you're here. City Hall is open for all to explore from the Clock Tower at the...

    Apr 6, 2019• by travellingwithmynikon

    National Army Museum in Waiouru

    A great way to break the drive south is a stop at the National Army Museum in Waiouru. This is not only a great resource of our part in all wars we’ve been involved in but an insight into what our...

    Nov 7, 2018• by Bigaltravelcompanion

    Visiting the Jardine Noonday Gun in Hong Kong

    Jardine Noonday Gun is located at the coastline of Causeway Bay. There is an interesting story behind this gun. You can find out the interesting story on the brochure provided on site. How can we...

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