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    Mar 13, 2021• by caitkontalis

    Best Places to Visit in Phoenix, AZ: Desert Botanical Garden

    Every time I Googled “What to do in Phoenix” the Desert Botanical Garden popped up – so I knew I had to give it a try! While the Desert Botanical Garden provided entry, all opinions are my...

    Apr 19, 2020• by wasatch

    Guided Tours of Utah

    Since we live in Utah, we have never taken a guided/bus/coach tour of Utah, but on our travels around Utah, we have run into plenty of people on guided tours, and from what we know about guided tours...

    Jan 5, 2020• by Travels_with_Bibi

    Valley of the Sun: A Self-Guided Road Trip Around Phoenix, Arizona

    Expedia asked me to share part of my trip when my daughter and I traveled across the U.S. to climb several western state highpoints, including Humphreys Peak, Arizona’s highest mountain. During...

    Getting around urban Arizona

    Technology is helping to make explorers out of visitors. This realization became clear to me on a visit to Arizona. Entrepreneurs have now used technology to enable a dizzying array of options for...

    Feb 21, 2019• by Carmen_Green_Photography

    A day in Phoenix, Arizona

    Following our most recent USA road trip, I thought this would be a good opportunity to create a series of blog posts documenting our experiences there and hopefully provide some useful tips and ideas...

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