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    Jun 12, 2021• by wasatch

    A Quick Visit to Plovdiv, Bulgaria

    We took an AMAwaterways river cruise from Budapest to Bucharest with an extension to Istanbul at the end of the cruise. We went by bus (coach) from the Danube to Istanbul with an overnight stay...

    Sep 7, 2019• by Plovdiv_City_Card

    24 Hours in Plovdiv, Bulgaria

    Planning a day trip to a city you've never been to can be quite challenging. After all, there’s just so much that you can do in a day right? Plovdiv is a charming and lively city that will...

    Sep 5, 2019• by Plovdiv_City_Card

    Top 5 Places To Visit In Plovdiv, Bulgaria

    Plovdiv is certainly a very unique place to visit and it’s no surprise that this charming little town is growing in popularity with each passing year. The town is claimed to be the oldest in...

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