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    Mar 9, 2019• by Vanuatu_Local

    Purchasing from South Pacific indigenous villages

    When visiting traditional villages or local markets you may be able to purchase locally made totem poles, wood figurines, bamboo flutes, stone axes, pig tusks and Pandanus leaf carry bags direct from...

    Mar 9, 2019• by Vanuatu_Local

    Traveling to Tanna Island ...the one with the live volcano

    TIP: Tanna is an island where tourism is still quite new to local inhabitants. A small number of guesthouses, village bungalows and small "resort" have been established by the local villagers...

    Feb 23, 2019• by Afven_blog

    Cruising with P&O

    Have you been thinking about doing a cruise but aren't sure what to expect? We were the same but after getting a fantastic deal through our travel agent, we set sail from Auckland on a 10 night...

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