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    Oct 28, 2020• by travellingwithmynikon

    Attractions on The Newell Highway, New South Wales

    There are so many attractions to see along the drive from Brisbane to Adelaide. Visiting the many regional towns along the highway you'll find museums, zoos and so much more. If you are doing...

    Jun 27, 2020• by Apeacock

    7 Reasons to Not Visit Melbourne

    Unfortunately, I lived in Melbourne in 2015 for 12 months. I am still to this day shocked by what the city scarred me with. I walk everywhere comparing my current life to Melbourne, it’s so good...

    Feb 23, 2020• by mullaroundtheworld

    A Local's Guide to Coffee in Brunswick, Victoria (Australia)

    On our very first day in Australia, back in 2018, the host at our accommodation tried to explain to us the significance of coffee culture in Melbourne. It won’t be long until you find your...

    Dec 13, 2018• by footprintwalks

    The Mediterranean of Victoria

    Have you heard about the Mediterranean of Victoria AKA the Bellarine Peninsula? Set sail from Melbourne Docklands and an hour later you will arrive at Portarlington, Bellarine Peninsula. Popular...

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