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      Sep 13, 2020• by wasatch

      Visiting Fort Bridger, Wyoming

      Fort Bridger is a good example of an early wild west military outpost, but its more interesting for its curious history. Mountain Man Jim Bridger, an early explorer of the West, established a...

      Jul 17, 2020• by wasatch

      The Regions of Yellowstone National Park

      Many years ago, we took a typical multi-day trip to Yellowstone National Park. About the only specific thing I can recall about That trip was how difficult it was to find good food in West...

      Jul 5, 2020• by wasatch

      Yellowstone: Where to Stay

      Covering 3, 471 square miles, Yellowstone National Park is larger than the states of Delaware and Rhode Island. Because it is so large, all places to stay are equally inconvenient. You will find...

      Jun 19, 2020• by wasatch

      Yellowstone: The Nearby Regions

      Yellowstone National Park is deservedly one of the world's great tourist destinations, but if you limit your visit to the confines of Yellowstone National Park you will miss a lot of...

      Jun 15, 2020• by wasatch

      Roadway Inn aka Skyline Motor Inn, Cody, WY

      Cody, WY, West Yellowstone, MT' and within Yellowstone National Park itself, are the three major locations of lodging for visitors to Yellowstone. Of the three, we prefer Cody, even though it is the...

      Apr 19, 2020• by wasatch

      Guided Tours of Utah

      Since we live in Utah, we have never taken a guided/bus/coach tour of Utah, but on our travels around Utah, we have run into plenty of people on guided tours, and from what we know about guided tours...

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      Sarakina Gorge & South Coast day tour

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      Crete, Greece
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      The Richtis Waterfall and North Coast day trip

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      Crete, Greece
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