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    Nov 13, 2020• by hintonthetrail

    Exploring Yellowstone: Part 2

    The second part of our Yellowstone adventure was exploring West Yellowstone, but first, we had to get there. Our trip from Gardiner, Montana to West Yellowstone, Montana was 1.5 hours longer than it...

    Oct 26, 2020• by hintonthetrail

    Exploring Yellowstone: Part 1

    Yellowstone became the first national park in 1872. It spans over three states and is situated above a supervolcano giving it some very cool geothermal features. Hot springs, paint pots, geysers...

    Oct 10, 2020• by DynamicDenise

    Exploring Wyoming's Diverse Landscape

    Big Wyoming. The Cowboy State. The Equality State. How many states have 3 nicknames? Whether you stay in Cody or Jackson Hole or visit Wyoming's parks or forests, you will be a fan of this...

    Sep 13, 2020• by wasatch

    Visiting Fort Bridger, Wyoming

    Fort Bridger is a good example of an early wild west military outpost, but its more interesting for its curious history. Mountain Man Jim Bridger, an early explorer of the West, established a...

    Jul 17, 2020• by wasatch

    The Regions of Yellowstone National Park

    Many years ago, we took a typical multi-day trip to Yellowstone National Park. About the only specific thing I can recall about That trip was how difficult it was to find good food in West...

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