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    Nov 10, 2021• by winedownwithpourchoices

    Visiting San Angelo, Texas

    This city is located on the Concho River . It's known for its 1860s U.S. army post, the Fort Concho National Historic Landmark. Its restored buildings display original artifacts and weapons. So, one...

    Aug 7, 2019• by Kendall_Dickinson

    How to Spend One Day in Austin, Texas

    The Live Music Capital of the World is also home to great food, art and sites. Here’s where to go during your short stop in Austin, Texas. This is a historic hotel with luxury rooms, dining...

    Apr 24, 2019• by Shadesofwords

    5 kid friendly things to do in San Antonio, Texas

    When we took a long weekend break to fly to San Antonio with our 5 year old son, the popular weekend getaway in Texas, we knew that we still wanted some grown-up fun. I mean let’s get real...

    Jan 16, 2019• by lmcgee56

    Dallas, Texas - Visitors Guide Part II

    Dallas is a big city and as such has a ton to do and to eat and to see. Dallas Zoo - If you have ever driven past the giraffe statue on Highway 35 then you have passed the Dallas Zoo. It is a...

    Jan 16, 2019• by lmcgee56

    Dallas, Texas - Visitors Guide Part I

    Texas is a big state and there is a lot to do here. To start you off easy lets look at the Dallas area. The thing to remember about Dallas is that there are a variety of areas: Uptown, Downtown...

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