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    May 29, 2021• by wasatch

    Victorian Houses in NW Ohio, USA

    Should you find yourself in the corner of NW Ohio more or less around Lima and Findlay (on I-75), There are some things see of modest architectural and historic interest. Although most...

    Sep 25, 2020• by DynamicDenise

    Is a Visit to Cuyahoga Valley National Park Right For You?

    Cuyahoga Valley National Park isn't for everyone. Embedded within the city of Cleveland Ohio, there are lots of outdoor activities for local residents to enjoy. Are the canal towpath trail and...

    Jul 1, 2020• by wasatch

    Kewpee Fast Food, Lima, Ohio

    After the last time we ate at Wendy's, I went home, called my stock broker, and said "Sell all our Wendy's stock". He said, "You have a good gain in it and we expect more. Why sell? " I said...

    Feb 10, 2020• by marikomarovsky

    Across the U.S. Rust Belt: Tips for Food and Family Activities

    When we visited the US this past summer, we had a two-week gap in our travel itinerary between New York and Chicago. So we decided to cross over from the East Coast to the Midwest by land. Within two...

    May 24, 2019• by rvandtravellife

    A Visit to the Wilds Conservation Center, Ohio

    Last week, I was asked to go to The Wilds with my son’s girlfriend and her best friend. Anytime these two are together, there is fun to be had! The day was beautiful with sunshine and modest...

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