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Sep 9, 2020• by wasatch

Lunch at Zion National Park

The seven mile long Zion Canyon Road is the central feature at Zion National Park. You will almost certainly have need of lunch when visiting Zion Canyon. There are only two places within Zion...

Sep 7, 2020• by wasatch

Quality Inns, Zion National Park

The vast Choice Hotels chains list two Quality Inns in Springdale, Utah, in Zion Canyon near the entrance to Zion National Park. Of our many overnight trips to Zion National Park, we spent 25...

Sep 3, 2020• by wasatch

Salt Lake City's Best Burgers

Unless you are a Mormon come to see the second rate Mormon version of the Vatican, you shouldn't visit Salt Lake City because there is little in Salt Lake City of any thing close to being of...

Aug 31, 2020• by wasatch

Comfort Inn, Hurricane, UT (Zion National Park)

We found this to be pretty much a textbook example of a Comfort Inn, except that over the years, quality control is slipping. Sometimes rooms are not made up by check in time. On our last...

Aug 29, 2020• by wasatch

Bumbelberry Inn, Springdale, Utah

Springdale is a small sliver of privately owned land sitting in the entrance of Zion Canyon. While the site is not as impressive as Zion Lodge, it is nevertheless a spectacular setting and...

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