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    Jan 5, 2021• by Seetheview

    New York – Top Photography Locations

    If you have a plan to visit New York during the holidays or are already living there and are a starting photographer, I have here a list of THE places all over New York that you can go an take those...

    Dec 29, 2020• by Flashtriptips

    3 Amazing Manhattan Views from Jersey City

    New York Skyline is one of the most fascinating in the world. We have seen it in thousand and thousand films, Tv series or Tv programs, but who said that you can enjoy great views only from Manhattan...

    Oct 2, 2020• by DynamicDenise

    The Gorge at Watkins Glen - A Unique Hiking Trail in Upstate New York

    Have you experienced the hiking trails in Watkins Glen State Park's gorge? Located in the Finger Lakes region of upstate New York, the glen is amazing. If you haven't experienced it, get outdoors...

    Sep 11, 2020• by PassportReverie

    What To Do In New York City At Christmastime

    I love Christmastime. Last year I put my tree up before Thanksgiving. Yes, I did. I don't even mind when stores skip over Thanksgiving for Christmas decor. That's probably enough, I want you to keep...

    Feb 26, 2020• by dehoyos

    A Guide to Harlem’s Most Delicious Soul Food Restaurants

    Soul food is one of the most long-lasting and impervious to change types of American cuisines. While fashions and trends in cuisine come and go, and the restaurant industry leans towards fancy...

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