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Sep 11, 2020• by PassportReverie

What To Do In New York City At Christmastime

I love Christmastime. Last year I put my tree up before Thanksgiving. Yes, I did. I don't even mind when stores skip over Thanksgiving for Christmas decor. That's probably enough, I want you to keep...

Feb 26, 2020• by dehoyos

A Guide to Harlem’s Most Delicious Soul Food Restaurants

Soul food is one of the most long-lasting and impervious to change types of American cuisines. While fashions and trends in cuisine come and go, and the restaurant industry leans towards fancy...

Feb 13, 2020• by meganywhere

Do This, Not That: Guide to New York City

Having lived in NYC now for almost five years and hosting my fair share of visitors, I’ve learned what is “worth it” and what is simply not. Tourist traps are all over NYC and it’s easy to...

Feb 10, 2020• by KiwiTalksTravel

A Beginners Guide To: New York City (Winter)

New York is one of, if not, my favourite city in the world. It was always my dream to go there. I’d endlessly picture the beautiful Brooklyn homes, the snowy streets of Manhattan, and of...

Jan 24, 2020• by KiwiTalksTravel

A Beginner's Guide To: New York City (Summer)

New York City is by far one of my favourite cities in the world. I’ve been lucky enough to visit NYC twice; once in summer and once in winter, and both times I went, it was so surreal and...

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